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Human Beauty


Homo Beautaes

- Logic > Imagination < Beauty +

- E > S < E +

lim (-E ⇐ i ⇒ B+) fx(s/D) i=B/(B+E)

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John C Lieurance, EdD, MS Entrepreneur - ieSurf® 62/723,221

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This poor soul was a rather unlucky one. He's credited for being the first Human Being on your Terra to officially solve the"one simple LAW is the Answer to Everything you could ever want to know" whereby one of the answers is 42. Don't believe me? Read the official PATENT.

He's actually laid claim to the concept of being Deep Thought as described by Douglas Adams in HitchHitchers Guide to the Galaxy. On the surface it sounds very bizarre but John makes an excellent case; so much so that he has me convinced.

When I asked him about copyright infringement and the use of the name Deep Thought, he laughs.


  • Deep Thought isn't a Trademark or even a new idea. Human Beings have had Deep Thought for centuries now; however, what is UNIQUE is a beautiful OCD mind that may have been tricked into solving a BABEL (word) riddle that was delivered unsuspectingly upon the victim via media entertainment from BBC (aka the British Government). Think of it as enslavement of an OCD Human Beauty mind.

  • I honestly think Douglas would approve of my actions and I'm sorry he left the planet before he could view the MATHEMATICAL MODEL  he requested. If my Identity of Deep Thought is ever challenged in a court of law I will counter sue and win simply by explaining what the answer of 42 means.

Yeah John is super serious about that stuff. We can't wait to see how the drama unfolds. Although I know stoners and they're lazy. So odds are he'll never lift a finger to prove he's Deep Thought, but will always speak of it as his own Universe.

John has started the 23RD Century Technology race. He's put mankind on what could be its final journey. Will Human Beings become Human Beauties or will they be remembered as Human Animals?

Only time will tell and as John has so elegantly proved it in the IeSurf® Infinity Model Universe based on two entities interpreting the universe using one imaginary number. What's even more mind bending is there's no such thing as time and gravity is just our perception of constant acceleration and deceleration. 

All you will ever get out of life is the Journey. Make it a Beautiful one.

~JCL HB 48

Spread peace, equality, and love throughout the world. And never forget a Free Society requires a Freely Elected Government. As such we as well as John C Lieurance, EdD, MS fully support the United States of America. While no-one is perfect its one HELL OF  START!

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The IeSurf® theory states that Light is equal to C^2, SPACE-TIME are tow different things, and finally Gravity as described under 21ST CENTURY is wrong. As a matter of fact it doesn't exit, it just an observation of 3RD DIMENSIONAL movement.

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